Comparison between Snapdragon 888 and Apple M1 Processor

Here first and very important , the Snapdragon 888 processor is designed for Smartphones and Apple M1 is designed for laptops and desktops .

1.  Release Date :

Snapdragon 888 processor is released in 2021 Q1 and Apple M1 processor is released in 2020 Q4 .

2. Lithography :

The Snapdragon 888 and Apple M1 processor both is based on 5nm technology . Because of this latest technology their performance , battery backup increases .

3. Base and Turbo Frequency :

The base frequency in snapdragon 888 is 1.8GHz and Apple M1 is 2.1GHz .

The turbo frequency in snapdragon 888 is 2.8GHz and Apple M1 is 3.2GHz .

4. Cash Memory :

Cash memory role is important in performance . It may increase or decrease task time period during operations .

In snapdragon 888 cash memory is 4MB and in Apple M1 is 12MB .

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