Smartphone buying Guide in 2021

Before you buy a smartphone you have to take care of some important things in your future phone .

1. Brand :

When you want to buy a smartphone first select your favorite smartphone brand .

In market many options are available like Samsung , Oppo , Apple , Mi , Motorola , Realme etc.


2. OS :

In any smartphone OS means Operating System  plays an important role. You always choose smartphone who gives you minimum 3 years operating system updates.

3. 4G or 5G :

Smartphone technology also an important aspect . You have to choose it very carefully .

4. RAM :

According to our average usage 6GB or 8GB RAM is sufficient .

5. Storage :

Now a days 128GB  storage with ufs 2.1 is sufficient .

6. Processor :

Mainly 2 company processors are used in smartphone . snapdragon and AMD processors .

Same year release processor is good for smartphone .

7. Display :

Mostly  2 type of displays are in the market Amoled display and LCD display .

Amoled displays gives you better picture quality than LCD display . Amoled display with 120Hz refresh rate and FHD+ screen is best combo  for better picture quality .

8. Price :

For a decent 4G phone you must spend upto 20,000 rs with 2 or 3 years usage . But you upgrade your phone yearly or less than a year then 10,000 – 15,000 rs phone is good enough .

9. Camera :

If you love photography then you choose a better camera like front camera is 32 MP and rear camera is 64MP . For normal use front camera is 16MP and rear camera is 32Mp .

10. Battery and Charging Speed :

For Ideal battery usage is 4500 mAh or 5000 mAh is enough . Many smartphone supports fast charging . Upto 45 watt charging speed is good , it is help to charge phone faster than normal phone charging .

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