Google Chrome has recently announced that it will fix this problem in the Internet browser Google Chrome. This problem is very big. There was a discussion among the users about this problem. A few days after this problem was solved, another similar problem has found in Google Chrome. That user also provided a link to a page of the GitHub website in which a Twitter user also demonstrated through a YouTube video . Chrome browser , which was released on April 13 and the chrome version of 89. 0. 4389.128 . The user says that hacking can happen in this version .



This problem is classified into Zero Day Flaw. According to the Tom’s Guide report, this hacking also runs in the full batches version of Microsoft. Other chromium based browsers like Brace, Opera, Vivaldi are also at risk. Like the previous Zero Day Flaw, this issue has a condition, this problem only occurs if the sandbox in the respective browser is off .

What is sandbox?

A sandbox is an isolated testing environment that enables programmers or researchers to run programs and execute unknown files or code without affecting the application, system or platform on which they run. Software developers use sandboxes to test new programming code.
This is so useful in Web development , Automation , Animation , Applications .
Cybersecurity researchers use sandboxes to run suspicious code from unknown attachments and URLs and observe behavior carefully of that code .

What users can do to avoid this problem ?

  • Don’t use Chrome browser
  • Use Firefox , Safari instead of Chrome

What is zero-day ?

Zero-day is a computer software vulnerability unknown to those who should be interested in its mitigation .
Until the vulnerability mitigated , hackers can exploit it to adversely affect programs or data or network .

The Google had found a solution to the previous Zero Day Flow problem in six days, so today it is expected that the problem will be solved within a week.


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